The part of you that will never disappear

(written for Medium)

Some time ago I was watching a movie based on the book Great Expectations of Charles Dickens. In one of the scenes the protagonist Pop says: “I don’t want before to follow me” and saying that, he excludes his past from his life as though it never existed. You can make a head stand, you can keep silence — like he does — you can write a song about it, you can even think to be finished with the past, but it will never go away. Worse — it will come and get you at a moment in time when you least expect it to. Well, that is a good thing. Because loose ends are so sloppy.

Yesterday or the past is important. The past has been chiseled in your life. For a good reason. You can become aware of what the past means to you by looking at who you are know. Because what you are NOW is a result of yesterday. You get it? By accepting without judgement what you are now you also accept your yesterday and that makes way for what you would like to

experience tomorrow. Tomorrow you will be the thought you are thinking in this very moment. When my thought now is that grey weather does not make me happy then I will certainly feel that way the next time the sky is grey. So, what if you could imagine that you are the sun and your thoughts the grey sky? And then imagine that it is not the sun that is unhappy because of the clouds shading its rays. So now you are not unhappy anymore when the sky is accidentally grey and also not tomorrow when that happens. You got it? Now you can say, it used to make me unhappy while NOW I am okay and that is what life is about. Being okay. Now and later. Rain or shine.