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It is almost 2023. “What will the year bring us?” is the most frequently asked question and, above all, everyone wishes each other good health, lots of love and prosperity. Then we will continue what we were doing with new momentum – because a new year gives new power. Maybe not in January, but after that most of us fall back into old behaviour anyway. All good intentions gone. And then when we find ourselves back in December after a year, we turn out not to have changed as much as we thought. Because the darkness of the shortest day in December with only that one bright spot – the day the days start to grow again – forces us into self-observation. 

That whole process shows that the future is completely blank and that we shape it ourselves with our thoughts. What the year will bring us, we can just make up our own minds. Suppose we are doing that – shaping our own future – why doesn’t it work out as we thought? I think thoughts alone are not enough. Another ingredient is needed and that ingredient is called: feeling. Feeling is like throwing out an anchor that keeps the ship in place. Only when we can feel a thought, a concept, an idea, a plan, all the way through every cell of our body, only then can it anchors itself. Only then can we permanently align all our actions in the now, the reality, with the desire we cherish.


Of course, otherwise all those self-help books would not be so successful and I would also have no reason to write this down. All those authors think they have the solution for us and that is not true. They all have a different angle that might loosen something in us. Which might help us take a step forward. I also think I have a different angle that might be of use to you reading this. 

Actually, it is exclusively about attention. Paying one hundred per cent attention to our “self” is the secret. Attention to where our consciousness or awareness hangs out all day and to what our body makes us feel. Most days of the year, our consciousness is guided by all sorts of things outside ourselves such as our social career, have to and doing, our leisure time, phone, internet, internet and more internet. Basically, we let everything outside us be the director of our lives. It is addictive just like watching an exciting series. Because the further away from ourselves, the less accountability we have to take and the more we can blame others and the world for the circumstances we live in. So when we have a new resolution and want to actually shape it, it is usually doomed to failure. 

There are few of us who can control the flow of thoughts. We fly from left to right. Just this, just that. The attention span is so short that we often cannot remember what we were distracted by an hour ago or what was the plot of a series we watched. Social life is set up to take us as far away from our humanity as possible. Sometimes I even suspect a conspiracy against humanity, because the more defragmented our attention is, the more susceptible we are to massification (mass hypnosis).

Every time, I come back to that attention. Because not paying attention to the “self” has major consequences for our physical and mental health, and just as importantly, for our autonomy.

We now know that everything is energy, that energy has different frequencies and that the power of thoughts is the strongest of all. A thought is a projectile. Once thought, it goes out into the ether and sticks around humanity where it waits for similar thoughts because it wants confirmation. And if all those thoughts of the same kind find each other then the effect is great.  

For example, if half of humanity is scared by the government then you understand how much fearful energy is floating around. If, at that moment, I allow a frightened thought to enter my mind for just a moment, a waterfall of misery is immediately created by what is floating around in the ether. The more of us take that fear for reality, the easier it is for those fear thoughts to actually materialise. 

To sum up: what we think today, we will be tomorrow. When we let that sink in, it is something enormous. What we think also invades our body cells and can impede the optimal functioning of our contact with our higher consciousness – that which makes us human as opposed to Artificial Intelligence (AI). What a responsibility isn’t it?

Attention to brushing teeth. Attention to preparing food. Attention to driving. Attention every time to what you are doing. That attention and above all not letting ourselves get carried away by the director of someone else’s film when you are brushing your teeth and thinking about how your neighbours will react when you put your new car in front of the door tomorrow. So then you are in someone else’s film. You are thinking for someone else … as if that could be possible.

In 2023, I will continue on the path I was already on. Even more, I will make attention and learning to direct your consciousness the focus of my yoga classes, meditations and courses so that everyone can eventually write their own screenplay and live for the glory of the community. When we realise that we are never a protagonist and are instead a serving hatch for spreading goodness, truth and beauty, then we are on the right path.  

Happy New Year to all!