Today is not a day like any other

(português) (Nederlands)

This Monday, today, is not a day like any other day of the year. Because I am going to do something that I have never done before here in Portugal. Together with my friend Estrela, I am going to the undertaker’s in Portalegre. To arrange the funeral of our friend Leone Holzhaus. And we are going to the hospital to pick up her things and bring her clothes that she is going to wear on her last earthly journey. Yesterday I picked out a beautiful dress in her wardrobe with a matching scarf. I know exactly what is hanging there. Leone and I regularly went shopping together in Spain. We could do that very well together. With few words and wandering along the racks we bought something or nothing, but we always went for lunch. And this dress was a super score in the outlet of El Corte Ingles. She loved it.

Oh yes, we also have to go to the bank and arrange things. All material stuff that Leone no longer has to deal with. And all the time I know she is watching amused at what Estrela and I are doing. 

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  1. 💗 I’ll be with you and with Leone Wednesday 💗
    With all my heart even if I can’t be there physically.
    See you soon, Liesbeth

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