The quieter the better

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The quieter I become, the more I know. The further I move away from the noise of the world, the clearer the voice within. As soon as I think of nothing, it happens. Without deciding or planning anything, surprising ideas and lessons appear, which I then share in yoga classes. I now discover that it goes in one direction. A direction that has fascinated me for forty years.

I have never been able to propagate this direction. I always doubted whether it would be the right path for me, whether it would not hover too much and whether I would not look foolish. Would I still be taken seriously? Something that was extremely important to me. When I think about it, I wonder if I took myself seriously all this time. I always tried to meet the expectations of others. Not a bad thing to do either.

What is happening now, on the other hand, feels like a miracle because I had not imagined that it would be so easy and simple. I feel that I am being guided by something invisible that is clearly palpable. Some call it a guide from the beyond. The other a thought adjuster. There are many theories. I am extremely grateful for the clarity with which I am being guided and that I can now recognise it. As if it is the most natural thing in the world.

I also thank my regular group of friends who have been coming to my lessons for years. Without them, this development would not be so evident. This morning I repeated Sunday’s lesson. On request. The order appeared slightly different with the same result. The lesson revolved around a meditation that gives you insight into the cause of your physical complaints. In that meditation you ask yourself the following questions:

What caused my discomfort, my illness, my pain?

What made me sick, developed the discomfort or pain?

What can I do to help my body heal itself?

Believe me, the cause and the natural healing will appear if you truly want to hear the answers. I received so many responses. Among them: It seemed like you had designed the lesson for me and, I felt the connection to everything. 

It is clear to me that mentally I do not have to make anything up. Everything is ready, I only have to open a door. Thank you Caroline McCutcheon for giving me the opportunity to connect with my guide(s) on your beautiful and extremely powerful property. He handed me the door key. 

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  1. Dear Liesbeth! Thanks for another wonderful blog from you. Again very touching and inspiring and i can even feel a certain confirmation. I love to read it for myself and then again out loud for Liza, this time even in all 3 languages. Take care. Abraços! Mxrk

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