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Photo by Tevin Trinh on Unsplash
Photo by Tevin Trinh on Unsplash

We create every problem in our heads. A problem is never about reality. When we believe the problem really exists, we want to get rid of it as soon as possible by coming up with a solution. And that’s where the worries start that don’t exist in reality either. Sleepless nights, crooked eyes to supposed other stakeholders.

Here with us in the West, we have learned to think with our heads. But in the East, like in Japan for instance, they think with their stomach. Just ask a Japanese child – uninfluenced by the West – what he thinks with. He will invariably point to his belly. But everyone under Western influence does everything with the head.

When we think with our head, we start analysing down to the atom. So we travel further and further away from the whole from which we emerge. A good solution rarely emerges and scientific investigations (everything with the head) go so deep that only the particle is central and the whole is not.  

I don’t think this Western way of head-thinking is the best. It hasn’t really helped me in my life. I couldn’t feel with my heart because I had never learnt that. That head creates a global atmosphere of judgement and division, with problems, worries and no solutions. 

So what would happen if we go from our heads to our hearts and take that as the starting point for our lives? After all, the head is our only problem. Besides that, we have no problems. The heart, on the other hand, is an open gateway to reality.

How to do that? From head to heart? Simply. Train yourself being headless. You can do that throughout the day, if you think about it. Visualise yourself being headless. Whether you are sitting still or walking around. It sounds ridiculous but it has been one of the most important exercises for me. Walk and feel as if you have no head. At first, of course, you “pretend”. Once you start feeling it for real it will be weird. If you keep that up long enough you will end up in your heart, the only place the energy can go. It comes naturally, you don’t have to pretend. You just have to say to yourself: My head is gone! For example, stand in front of the mirror, look deeply into your eyes and feel that you are looking at your reflection from your heart. From then on, your heart centre will kick in. In some people this happens faster than others and it works sooner or later. Have fun!