The essence of the golf balls

(português) (Nederlands)

Do you understand anything about the Corona “pandemic”? Never before have I heard so many people contradict each other so often. Perhaps it is not understandable and we have to deal with things other than following the news from the Main Stream Media and alternative press. I follow both regularly and one thing becomes clear to me. Dependent on and count on leaders who fill in your life is not convenient. But in times of prosperity, luxury and peace, most people like to let it rest, and with that, common sense falls into a deep sleep. Until things go wrong. Such as when a war breaks out or when an unknown virus appears. Then the government is blamed for not acting in the right way. For you. Because you have been rudely awakened from your dreamy sleep. And with you almost the whole world. I sincerely hope so. So welcome to reality where you have to think for yourself, make decisions and discover what is really important to you. How much guts do you have to change course when you find out that how you live now is not the best for you, your family, the world.

Years ago I saw a video of a professor who uses a metaphor for the essence of life in a philosophy lecture and that video has always stayed with me. You can find it on Youtube under the name Pebbles, Sand and Beer.

The professor places a glass jug on his desk. He fills it with golf balls and asks the students if the pitcher is full. Yes is the answer. He takes a bag of gravel and pours the contents into the jug. The gravel makes its way past the golf balls. Is it full now? Yes, the students are laughing! The professor smiles, grabs a bag of sand and throws the sand into the jug. It makes its way past golf balls and gravel. Full? Yes! The professor says good and takes a bottle of beer which he then empties into the jug. Full? Yes, now it is really full. The students are waiting with their mouths wide open for an explanation.

You only have one life and you can achieve whatever you desire if you use your time wisely. The golf balls represent the important things: your family, friends, health and passions. The gravel represents material things: your car, home and work. The sand represents all those other things: the small stuff, the trivial things. When you start with putting the sand in the jug there is no more room for the golf balls or the gravel and the same is true in life. When you give all your attention and time to those trivial things, you run out of time for the essentials.

A Corona lockdown gives you the chance to take the helm in your own hands. To empty the jug and fill it with the golf balls first, the rest is not important. Except the beer. Because there is always time for a beer with your friends. Saúde!