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Meeting regularly with like-minded people does me a lot of good. Those meetings warm my heart, lift me up and make me see that there is more light than darkness on this earth. That helps me enormously to balance in these exciting times. In my opinion, the whole world is turning upside down, although this is not yet visible to everyone. And that is not a problem. For me, it is all coming in very hard.

The main reason for that is the book Child of the Colonies (in Dutch) that I just wrote. Especially the part about the run-up to World War II keeps popping up in my mind. The people in the former Dutch colony Indonesia lived their lives as if nothing was hanging over their heads. As if the Japanese had not already been wreaking havoc for years in China and later in Malaysia. Just as if it did not exist. When I read these letters in the family archive, my heartbeat invariably increased and I asked myself: how is it possible that you did not see this coming? Yes, the war in the Netherlands broke out in 1940, so the families were out of touch, but life in the tropics went on as usual. The correspondence in the archive shows precisely how lightly people took what happened. The men had to enlist in 1941, the Japanese came in 1942 and won, the women and children had to live together because the larger houses were confiscated by the Japanese to live in. There was no more petrol, so everything went by bike, the last children were born and gradually, within a year to be precise, living together had shrunk from more people in one house, to closed quarters, into camps and prisons. The women write lightly. Oh, it will take three months! Oh, it will all work out! For most of them it did. After three and a half years in the concentration camps, as a survivor it did turn out all right. Even though? Dead, sick for ever, physically and especially mentally, families torn apart, divorces that didn’t have to be like those of my own parents. War traumas. All terrible. And we don’t want to read about it or know about it. Not then, not now, not ever. Because yes, life is fun when you are on the right side of society. And if it isn’t, we just pretend it is. 

Of course, I also prefer to hear only good news. And yet, above all I want to understand what is going on in the world. So I take in information and keep it in balance with who I really am on this earth. Just like you and you and you I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience. So we naturally carry the light within us. The trick is not to let that be put on the back burner by the dark things. They are there and will never go away by ignoring them. I know that we humans are so powerful that with the knowledge of how society is organised and reorganised now, we ourselves can create the society that is fundamentally free with a lot of care and love. In which no one is the boss of anyone. 

I wrote earlier that we can develop self-knowledge to learn to listen to our moral compass (in Dutch). This automatically contains Love – with the well-known capital letter – for ourselves and our fellow man. Then exclusion of groups of people is an impossibility. Meanwhile, I and many with me have experienced that talking to dissenters about my worldview, ideas and concerns accomplishes nothing. Living life according to my moral compass, on the other hand, attracts people who cherish the same desires.

On Ridzerd’s Great Rudolf Steiner Quotes site, I read these words from Rudolf Steiner:

Nothing can harm us more than if we succeed in demonstrating our truth in discussions, for we are not hated because we say untruth, but because we say the truth. And the more we succeed in showing that we are telling the truth, the more this will be the case. Of course, that cannot stop someone from standing up for the truth. But it can stop someone from believing the naivety of believing that one advances through discussions. One advances only through positive work. One can only advance by presenting the truth as much as possible, so that as many predestined souls as possible, who are much more present today than one would think, come here to find the spiritual nourishment necessary so that the future of mankind will not be demolished, but built up, and there should be a forward development, not a backward development.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 221 – Erdenwissen und Himmelserkenntnis – Dornach, 18 February 1923 (pages 138-139)  

Doing the positive work without denying the negative. Without looking away. For the one cannot exist without the other in our world. 

The yoga classes that I give in my home, outside in the olive orchard, focus on gaining self-knowledge. By increasing the awareness of the body. Because if you can’t feel your body, you don’t feel anything that is important for knowing your moral compass or for truly feeling your heart, so that it can be leading in your life instead of your thinking. It is especially the combination of the content of the teachings, of you always being there and of the location that accelerates that process towards awareness. And that is noticeable in all of us. We become lighter and lighter. So that we can also see, know, receive and give more and more. 

There are so many ways to achieve knowledge of the heart or self-knowledge or to perceive your moral compass. And my way is one of them. You can also work on it yourself. At home in your own environment. So if a lesson cannot take place because of the cold or rain, then that is an opportunity to train yourself. With all the work we have done so far, you can do some breathing exercises at home and sit in silence for twenty minutes. It is different. You might miss the group dynamic. Yet practising alone is just as important. So trust your heart and you will know what is good for you to do or not to do. 

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