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What I have been wanting to say for a long time is something about being human and how I think about it. So I am going to do that now. It is the guiding principle of my awareness process in life. So everyone around me will sooner or later have to deal with this, unasked for, in some form or another. 

After decades of study, training and contemplation, I suspect it is as I describe. When you have time to read it, do so with an open heart. It is a just a thought. 

The human soul stems from energies of the universe and comes alive as soon as it has a body. I assume that the soul comes from elsewhere, is eternal and starts going through a life here on earth to become, say, more conscious and wiser. The immortal soul then experiences what you experience. This is how it forms itself to life. 

A physical body serves our soul to live on earth and is composed of ‘stardust’. Like everything else in the universe. Also our earth and everything in nature. So the physical body is part of nature. We humans are one with nature. We are neither above it nor below it. What we do to nature, we do to ourselves, because we are nature.

When we are born and our soul settles in our body, the body is already loaded with genes that we inherit from our parents and ancestors. So there is a story/programming in us before we start living and having experiences that can make us more conscious. To this end, we have been given some useful tools including: the mind, the will and the spirit. 

Part of our mind – the thinking – is our analytical ability that serves us to survive in this world. Thinking is extremely useful for that purpose. It is a powerful mechanism that is difficult for us to control because we never learn it, like talking and writing. That is why we always float away and no longer feel our connection to nature or our own body.

We have our willpower for two reasons. To survive in harsh times and to achieve consciousness, because that is the purpose of life here on earth. Consciousness of who we are and why we think and believe, say and act. That precious willpower does not serve to push through against the current. That rarely turns into lasting success or health. 

Our spirit is the leader on the path to awareness. It is the connection between life here on earth and the unlimited space where we already know everything. With our origin. With the source from which all souls spring. That spirit is always working to keep us on the path to that awareness. The spirit will never direct us or override our free will. It only gives subtle signals.

Who we are right now is the result of our programmed genes and our interpretations of the events – small and big – in our lives. Of the things we have assumed to be true, without critical examination within ourselves. 

The questions I ask myself almost daily are:

Am I aware of the why of what I think, say and do?

What is it that makes me act and is it aligned with truth, goodness and beauty? 

After all, I have only one rule of life. Simple and clear.

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Every time I notice that my actions do not conform to that rule, I correct myself. How do I notice it? By an uncomfortable feeling, a negative emotion, which sometimes turns into physical symptoms. If others appear to be involved I let them know immediately. 

No loose ends, I think life is too precious for that.