Hesitation takes you off balance


Last Sunday I taught a yoga class specifically aimed at opening and relaxing the hip area. Usually, the day before the lesson, I get an inspiration about the lesson content. I write down this inspiration and later on I build the lesson in my head. Afterwards, after the lesson, the reactions show that there was a great need to work on that specific part of the body. Nowadays I trust completely in these impulses; in my inner knowing; in the fact that when I think of someone, I am also connected with that person. My faithful yogis are always somewhere in my head and when such an inspiration appears, I start working with it. 

For me, the human body is not just a vehicle for the soul that makes life on earth possible. It is so much more. The body is who you are. You are the body. Every unconscious thought, experience, emotion that you have, is in all the cells of your body. What you feel in terms of pains, illnesses and discomforts comes from a first thought that you were never aware of and that you took for granted.

Now it may be that you have no time to pay attention to an emotion. After all, you are living your life, you want fun and above all you don’t want any nagging. So the emotion remains unprocessed as a large or small trauma waiting in your body. Because it never goes away by itself. You live on and one day you get physical complaints. You go to the doctors, they do an examination, make a diagnosis and give you treatment and pills. This may take away the pain, but it doesn’t take away the cause and sooner or later, that cause will present itself again with the same symptoms or with something that looks alike. And it will continue until you listen to yourself. And listening to yourself is the same as listening to your body. The body actually tells you all about how you are living your life. 

The hips, for example, represent not only the carrying capacity of your whole being, but also the structure, the fixed lines that you draw up for yourself and the choice of a certain direction in life. The hips stand for paying attention to yourself and then living your life in a balanced way, without hesitation. As soon as you feel discomfort or pain in the hip area, you know immediately that it is a question of unprocessed emotions which have to do with your self-esteem. Because if you doubt yourself, you will go out of balance.

By doing the postures I give in class, a lot of space is created in the hip area. So the emotion, the trauma, can come into movement without you having to talk about it for hours with a therapist. You do not even need to know what it is about. You give loving attention to yourself and in that space a deep relaxation arises in which the emotion or the trauma can let go of you. The stories are sometimes told only weeks later. 

It sounds too good to be true. Believe me, it is true. When I see the faces of the yogis after a class and feel their energy, I know that what I was told in that moment of inspiration is right for those who are near me and also for myself. We humans are deeply connected and therefore each other’s mirror. And everything is done for us. If only we can listen and hear with our hearts.

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