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We were talking about it the other day. About the amount of energy you have as a human being. Is it endless or limited to a certain amount? And why do you have more energy some days than others. It also happens that you start the day brimming with energy and suddenly feel empty. 

I suspect that almost every culture has something to say about this as in China the taoists in ancient times used to tell you that you get say 100,000 breaths at birth (this is a fictitious number as I don’t remember the correct number). You have to make do with that number for life. So, says a smart taoist, if you run fast, then breath runs out at the same pace. Better take it all easy, then you live longer. I like Taoism because it is so pragmatic, humorous and clear.  

In Hinduism, it is said that you get a daily dose of energy that you better use carefully. After all, who wants to collapse on the couch  exhausted at the end of the day?

In the oh so civilised West, the opposite seems to the rule, namely that our energy is unlimited and we can do whatever we want with it. Sleep is not necessary, being connected all day is. This is also evident in the short fuse mentality, burn outs, chronic diseases and more of that misery. 

In my life, I have learnt by trial and error to be mindful of my daily dose of energy. I used to be connected all day. Now whenever I rush – which rarely happens these days – I always have to think of the taoists and cannot suppress a laugh. By the way, I can’t help thinking that energy is renewed by the day and that the Hindus are right. 

Actually, you don’t just consume your daily supply of energy yourself, you are helped by other people whom I call energy vampires. Who live off your energy. You know them. Just check if you have any around you. What also eats up energy are things, stuff, material things, not to mention unresolved emotional experiences. These sit in your subconscious, your head and your body. 

My conclusion is that you can be sparkling with energy all day if you can keep breathing in a calm rhythm in everything you do, have recognised your energy vampires and keep them far away from you, have or pursue as few material things as possible and, above all, have resolved all unresolved junk from the past. So there is a lot of work to do, for everyone and let the rhythm of your breath be your alarm bell.