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Here you will find the English translation of my stories. I know the English is not perfect and hope it is comprehensive. If not, please let me know what can be improved.

2022-11-20 Energy Vampires

2022-11-14 No loose ends

2022-11-12 What it does to me

2022-03-08 Música triste

2022-02-14 Today is not a day like any other

2022-02-08 Hesitation takes you off balance

2022-02-03 Eighty years ago today

2022-01-11 Invisible links

2021-12-25 The most beautiful rain of the year

2021-12-08 The quieter the better

2021-11-18 Positive work

2021-06-12 The big clean-up

2021-06-06 Questions about the why of everything

2021-06-01 Classes on Thursdays and Sundays

2021-05-24 Grateful for you

2021-04-30 Clutter ghosts

2021-02-09 As lame sheep

2020-11-02 The Golden Revolution

2020-10-27 Noiselessly

2021-04-26 The rocks are blooming

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