I have been living in Portugal since 2016. Being born Dutch, I feel at home in Portugal. The pace of life, the friendly people and the simplicity of everything, all of this fits me wonderfully well. I live in the mountains on a farm, hours away from the hedonistic civilisation to which I have contributed a lifetime. And do you know what? I don’t miss any of it. 

I am a thinker, a researcher, always looking for answers to the questions that linger in my mind. I write because it is the only way for me to understand what I think. I write because I have to. It makes my head quiet and that in turn creates space for deeper silence in meditation during my daily yoga sessions. With or without students. 

Sometimes this leads to a contentment that I find indescribable. A satisfaction that touches every cell of my body and places me in the essence of life. Awareness of everything in me and around me.

Child of the Colonies

In October 2021, I completed a project I had been working on for some thirty years. A book about the history of my family. It is entitled Child of the Colonies. Digging through the archives, sorting things out, putting the story in book form, it all had a life-changing effect on me. I could finally see myself, my traumas, my role in this family and why I did things the way I did. I feel liberated and satisfied. The book is in Dutch, has 350 pages and lots of photo material. You can order it from me. 

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I wish you to wake up and stay awake. I still experience life as a school of learning and continuous training. 

Liesbeth Steur

Quinta dos Chões

Santo António das Areias

Portalegre, Alto Alentejo, Portugal

Feel free to mail me: liesbeth@liesbethsteur.com

Or send a message: +351 967 421 914