Photo: Nikolay Zakharov for Unsplash


A dance is like raindrops falling into a pool of water. 

Have you ever taken a good look at that? 

The drops are transparent, make everything move, the water cleanses and makes the earth drink. 

Rain has many sounds, from soft murmers to clatter. 

There are thick drops and fine drops. 

I experience rain as a blessing for the earth and for us humans. 

It has only one drawback: the terrace by the pool remains wet for a few hours after a rain shower. 

That’s why I’m not teaching tomorrow. 

The predictions are that it will rain all night long and even though the sun will shine tomorrow morning, it will take until noon before the terrace is dry.

In principle I teach every Sunday from now until the winter, so you are welcome next week Sunday April 18. Rain and other unforeseen circumstances are the only factors that can disrupt that rhythm. 

When that is the case, I will let you know the day before (Saturday) via the Facebook page of Studio Liesbeth Steur. @ studio.liesbeth.steur, via the whatsapp group and e-mail.

Regarding the preparations, I would like to know how many we will be. 

Will you let me know if you can attend Sunday April 18?

Mantra for Sunday and the rest of the week:

My heart is open.

I am my heart.

I am.