Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

Mystics have often expressed their experience of divine love through poetry, since the 5 senses and the mind cannot grasp the presence of God as Love. Mystical poems speak to the soul. They are like messengers between heaven and earth. They are bridges. Poets are actually bridge builders who map out a spiritual path that leads to the core of religion and puts us in touch with a knowledge that is an answer to the longing of the soul.

Kabir (1440- 1518) was such a mystic and poet. Just read the following words without using your mind.

Between the poles of conscious and unconscious, the mind has made a swing.

Thereon hang all beings and all worlds, and it never ceases to sway.

All swing! 

The sky and the earth and the air and the water, and the Lord Himself taking form.

Kabir 16

With our 5 senses and thinking, we cannot grasp the deeper meaning of these words, but with our hearts we can. And do you know why? Because our heart is a direct connection with the sixth sense and the Field. 

The Greek philosopher Aristotle was the first to name the 5 senses: smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing. These senses send signals to the brain and enable us to understand the world around us through external perceptions. We rarely interpret earthly life on the basis of inner perceptions.

Everything that we see and that is tangible has form. In between is empty space. At least it seems to be empty. Because we live with the programme of the 5 senses, we cannot experience that that empty space is an infinite Field of energetic consciousness that connects everything and everyone. Inwardly we are part of that Field, but because we are trapped in the 5 senses, it remains unknown. As soon as we become aware of the possibility that there is more than the human eye can see and believe this concept, we are awakening and our sixth sense finally gets the chance to speak through our heart. Some call it intuition or the inner mentor. 

How do you recognise the inner mentor? It is not so difficult. It is the counterpart of your inner critic, the little voice that speaks to you through your mind. What this critic says is rarely the truth. Fear is the means by which he keeps you in his grip and makes your whole life a search for other people’s love, approval and appreciation. In effect, he is telling you that you are not good enough, with the result that the fear of not doing well blocks all spiritual connections, including the your sixth sense. 

Therefore, training in being aware of what is being thought in our head, what our motives are and why we say something, is essential to develop a life without fear so that we can live in connection with the Field. From our hearts and connected to everything and everyone.