Photo by Amos from Stockphotos.com on Unsplash

I am the master of my life, mind, body and emotions.

That sounds great doesn’t it. No more distraction from what you wish for. And it can be done with perseverance, discipline and daily training. The results all depend on how much you want to be focused person who is the master of his life, your willpower and the understanding of how the mind works. If we can understand how the mind works, we can control it. If we can control it, we can direct it. If we can direct the mind, we can create whatever we want like staying in peace instead of being confused or distracted by global events. 

One of my Hindu teachers taught me that the mind has three areas:

  1. Subconscious mind = instinctive mind (the cow eats grass and never gets bored)
  2. Conscious mind = intellectual mind
  3. Super conscious mind = intuitive mind knows what is good for you.

It is important to know that you are not the mind. I think that is reassuring. You are pure awareness traveling through different areas of the mind. 

The mind is vast space with many different areas within it, like fear, jealousy, grief, joy, love, etc. 

Awareness is a glowing ball of light. An orb so to say, that can move to any area of the mind. 

Today during yoga class I started by asking you to be consciously present, by being aware of the glowing ball of light that represents your consciousness. To constantly – when distracted – bring back the glowing ball of light to your body.

Letting yourself being distracted is like watching a movie: 

When watching you as a matter of fact give the director permission to move your awareness to multiple areas of the mind. You follow the leading actor from falling in love to hating the partner, from fear, to birth and death, while feeling all those emotions as though it is you.

So unconsciously you give, in this case watching the movie, the director permission to move your awareness, that glowing ball of light of which you are not in control, from one area of the mind to another.

In real life – all day, every day – you give permission to people and things around you to do so. When not becoming aware of the possibility that you can be the master of that glowing ball of light you will end up being a slave. 

By using your willpower and powers of concentration, you can train how to grab hold of the glowing ball of light and move your awareness to any area of the mind you want to go to at any time. 

Next class we will continue. One step at the time.