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I suddenly realise that it has been nine weeks since I started giving yoga classes on Sundays, which are so popular that after four weeks I have added a class on Thursdays.

Imagine how beautiful that is: under the blue sky, outside on the terrace next to the swimming pool, a breeze, shade or sun, the singing of birds and sometimes in the distance the sound of some farm machinery.

The ideal environment to breathe consciously and deeply, to move your body with one hundred percent attention and to bring your mind to rest. After an hour and a half, the fragile balance between body and mind is usually restored. Only then does the real work begin, namely living life with all its perils and maintaining that fragile balance.

That is the real exercise, which is much needed in these times full of information streams that look more like programming than sharing factual information. 

When that balance between body and mind is lost, when you no longer feel a connection with the spirit, you are seeing blind and fear is your guide dog. I mean a deep, subconsciously hidden fear that you are not yet aware of.

You are not aware of it, but your body is. Your muscles tense unnecessarily, your breathing becomes shallow, physical complaints appear and you think you can numb the maelstrom in your head with outdoor entertainment. You think it is fine, because you are happy and content with what you are allowed to do again.

Where you used to ask questions about things that you did not understand or that seemed strange to you, you now leave it for what it is. Everything is fine, as long as it doesn’t bother you.

The people who do ask questions about current social life, you label them. That way, they fit in the pigeonhole of strangers that you want to stay far away from, because questioning everything stirs up your fear. 

Your body is flexible, ironclad and has an unprecedented healing capacity of its own. That is why it can serve you so well, every day, but it has its limits. When you can no longer listen to your spirit and then let yourself be led by your subconscious, your body will make you feel that it is time to re-enlighten that connection with the spirit.

This is how it works. Every pain comes from an underlying fear. Do you realise that without a body, you have no life here on earth? That in a body that speaks out, you live a painful life and in a body that knows it is heard, your life is full and fulfilled, as it is meant to be?

It is up to you to choose what or whom to listen to. But remember, if you don’t want to hear, you have to feel.

Thursday 8 July at 09:30 hours we will enter week 9 and continue on Sunday 11 July at the same hour, but with more time for deep meditation.

It is time to grow further in consciousness in order to poke a hole in the blanket of fear through which the light can shine. Step by step. Not too fast. 

I give you a sentence from the Upanisad (holy Hindu scriptures) for contemplation. 

Sit still, breathe, read, close your eyes and consciously think about these words. 

Know; Atman (mind) is the lord of the chariot and the body is the chariot.

Know; consciousness is the driver and the mind is the reins.

The senses are called the horses and what they perceive, the road. 

Katha Upanisad 1:3, 3-4a