Hello dear friends,

Now that I have started again with my favourite activity, which is to bring together like-minded people, I have some practical questions. But, first of all, thank you for your patience and enthusiasm.


I publish the stories (blogs) and newsletters I write on my blog: www.liesbethsteur.com.

The main language is now Portuguese with English and Dutch translation. You can subscribe to the newsletter / blog by entering your email address on the right side of my website page. In this way, you stay informed about developments and my ideas about life.

In principle, I use ONE communication channel to contact me for classes and reunions.

Email is right for me. I think it is a calm and thoughtful medium. Without stress.

If you want to sign up for a class / meeting or have any questions send me an email. That way, I have everything organised on one platform. Urgent messages about the cancellation of a meeting (rain) I will send via Whatsapp. How’s that for you? Do you agree? If you want it different, let me know.

Sunday meetings

There are 10-12 vacancies. Reserve your place in time. The interest is so overwhelming that I have to work with registration. So let me know in advance if you are going to participate.

Sunday, April 18, 2021 – 10:00 – 11:30 hours

We will be on the terrace next to the pool. Dress in layers. Take a good look at the weather forecast and temperature. No shade cloth has been added yet because the warmth from the sun will do us good. So, bring something to cover your head if you want and a yoga mat, blanket, pillow to make you comfortable.